An hour husband

Prices are based on technical difficulties. Prices are VAT excluded 300 – 450 CZK / hour,

12 CZK / km and 200 CZK for the time spent in the car.

Have you ever heard of this unique service? If not, be careful! An hour husband is here to help you in any situation. He is a plumber, a mechanic and a repairman in one. We will help you with the maintenance of your homes and apartments. In addition to helping you with interior repairs, we are here to assist you in maintaining the house and its surroundings.

➜ Is your wife demanding and wants you to do the work that is above your strength? We are here for you!
➜ Is your husband always busy with other activities and does not have time for minor repairs around the house? No problem, we will fix it.
➜ Do you have a husband at home, and suddenly you have something in your household broken? Call us!

Take advantage of our services, we are here for you whenever you need us! We offer you our comprehensive services for years of experience and experience. We guarantee that we are the best choice. We are at your disposal at any time.